Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CSS color and background properties

When talking about the font attributes have been mentioned, a document fonts and colors can look directly to the document have a great impact, therefore, the color of the background attributes of our detailed study and description.
In the CSS properties, usually the color of color Tezhi prospects, and background can be a background color or background pattern. Background in defined patterns, we can specify the exact location of the picture, if repeated, and whether it is fixed or scrolling with the page content.
Attribute value:
Initial value: Default value developed by the UA
Applies to: all elements
Inheritance: Yes
Percentage values: NA
This property describes the color of the Chinese version of an element, also known as the foreground color. If the text should be set to red, the following are two methods. EM (color: red) / * used to define general keywords, these keywords can be that we read * / EM (color: rgb (255,0,0)) / * used to define the RGB values of each RGB value from 0 to 255 * /

Attribute value: | transparent
Initial value: transparent
Applies to: all elements
Inheritance: Yes
Percentage values: NA
"Background-color" sets the element's background color.

Attribute value: | none
Initial value: none
Applies to: all elements 顥?br />Inheritance: No
Percentage values: NA
This element set an element's background pattern. Note that when setting the background pattern, together with the background color must be set. Because sometimes these images will be unavailable for some reason, this time can be replaced with the background color and background color and background color to color similar to the pattern.

Property values: repeat | repeat-x | repeat-y | no-repeat
Initial value: repeat
Applies to: all elements
Inheritance: No
Percentage values: NA
In the case of setting the background pattern, set the "background-repeat" can determine whether the repeated pattern in what way or repeated.
If property value is "repeat", it means picture in the horizontal and vertical directions are repeated arrangement.
If property value is "repeat-x", said the level of repeat array.
If property value is "repeat-y", said vertical repeat arrangement.
If property value is "no-repeat", that does not repeat.

Attribute value: scroll | fixed
Initial value: scroll
Applies to: all elements
Inheritance: No
Percentage values: NA
In the background of the case has been set pattern, usually attached to these patterns in two ways:
1. One is never static background image, text in the background above the "scroll";
2. The other is the background image with text on the page with the "rolling."

Property value: [ | ] (1,2) | [top | center | bottom] | | [left | center | right]
Initial value: 0% 0%
Apply to: block-level elements and can be replaced
Inheritance: No
Percentage values: refer to the size of the element itself
Pattern has been set in the background circumstances, background-position specifies its initial position. If you set the property value is "0% 0%", then the mean image upper left corner and upper left corner of the element of coincidence, if you set the property value is "100% 100%", then the lower right corner and the mean image elements overlap the lower right corner, and so on. In setting the background image position when you can use keywords to define the specific location, here are some keywords and the corresponding size:
"Top left" and "left top" = "0% 0%";
"Top", "top center" and "center top" = "50% 0%"; and so on.


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